Proudly founded in Providence, RI – 2017


Chambers is an apparel company that is focused on narratives through manufacturing & design. Our products & narratives are inspired by the notion that experience & environment builds permanence.

We started with tee's and have grown into high quality cut & sewn garments.(MADE PROUDLY IN THE USA.) Our objective is to create fluid  perenniality  for our audience. Which is one of the many definitions to the brand name “Chambers.” We design with the thesis that our garments can be worn by anybody in any environment for every experience.

Time & Pressure yield diamonds" means we as humans are the sum of our surroundings & encounters. By still standing, fighting, loving, creating etc.. we create ultimate value within ourselves. Everyday that passes we yield more value and continue to grow. How we do anything is how we do everything ( SMALL NUMBERS ADD UP). We take the sum of our experiences to heart as it allows us to educate one another. Each one, Teach One from one space (CHAMBER) to the next is the underlying tone to our community.