What Cheer!

We once over heard in conversation that Providence is a “Gray” city.... dull/unlively nothing to do nothing to see....

This became the spark that set in motion a need to create something that represented the city in a way that spoke volumes about its inhabitants. Gray in color to remind us of the historic "Providence Grays" major league team that played in Olneyville.

Gray is an over looked color, to us much like the city a passed over space in the arts, entertainment, food, tourism. Gray however can be described as a cool, muted, neutral & the space in-between. This is what we put our focus towards as we continued to develop this concept. We realized this city, it's residents, the diversity of culture here are what mattered, not the opinions of outsiders.


Like the gray concrete you see outside people from the Greater Providence area are everywhere, peak to anyone from the city and you'll hear the love we all have for it. If you've ever had the pleasure of truly getting to know this place then you'd agree.


Providence is a gem, & we love where we're from.